Hearing the Shepherd’s Voice and the KJV

Times and Seasons, a Mormon group blog, has an interesting post on the difficulty in reading the King James version of the Holy Bible.  You can read it here.  It got me thinking about a scripture:

"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me."  John 10:27. 

When the Lord uses the word 'hear' I think it implies two things.  First, a message has to be received.  It has to be 'heard'.  Second, once the message is heard it is somehow distinguished from other messages as being distinct.  The analogy paints a picture of sheep hearing many sounds and potentially many shepherds and yet they are able to distinguish the one voice that is their shepherd.  Continuing with the analogy, what if there were sheep that would distinguish the Shepherd's voice, but had auditory defects preventing them from hearing any sound? 

Perhaps there are some that don't, in effect, 'hear' the Shepherd's voice because of some barrier akin to spiritual ear plugs.  It's not that they don't 'hear' the principle.  The message has not yet been received–a prerequisite to determining if that message is important.  The KJV is a stark example of this occurrence since its language is so arcane.  But does this same idea extend to the very concepts themselves? 

Any construct is hard to define.  Constructs like charity and faith are, perhaps, more difficult because of competing interests of varying parties that have attempted to define them.  If the true principle were perfectly communicated, would more people be able to 'hear' it in the sense of distinguishing it from the myriad of other voices?  How many have rejected the Sheperd's voice because, due to something beyond their control, the voice sounded like something else and they didn't actually receive the message before they had an opportunity to distinguish it? 

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